Our roadmap

Wepop have ambition.

This right there is our roadmap. You can see through our eyes and should have a better undestanding where Wepop.store is going. Step by step with the help of the growing community we’ll go to the moon!

1. Launch of the online store

That’s was Wepop.store is: an online store where customers can shop through various clothing and accessories mainly inspired by music, cinema, culture and other cool stuff. Of course that is the first step. You can already shop now at Wepop.store.

2. Launch of the marketplace

That one was a big step for the company. We quickly gave people the opportunity to showcase their creations and make money off of it. Yes right now on Wepop.store you can upload your design and make money! Upload your design here. *Feature coming soon stay tuned!

3. Launch of wepop token

We believe that the crypto ecosystem is like a huge leverage for any valuable project.

<iframe of token>

More details about Wepop Token :

  • Marketcap.com
  • You can check
  • Backed by Solana blockchain

How to get to Wepop token? Two options: you buy something on the store or you simply buy them on Uniswap

What the money is gonna get use for? Here is our 4th step:)

4. Launch of the NFT program

Our vision is this : when someone upload a design we

Our goal is to provide authenticy and proof of

5. Launch of wepop retail stores Across the nation & the world

Wepop have already partnered with multiple retail stores across the nation.

With the money we will raise with the help of our community we will open all over the country! New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami to name a few in a couple of months we will have a network of retails stores that brings your work to the physical world! And yes you can have a piece of it!

With the mo